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Somatic Fascia Restructuring

Private Lessons

Customized Somatic Fascia Restructuring Lessons

“Thanks to the somatic pioneers we are better able to understand the finer principles of the ancient meditative and movement traditions.”

Bryson created S.F.R. after many years of training in various Somatic traditions and realizing the complementary principals they all shared. His approach focuses on the essentials of all those traditions.

8 Week Course

During your course you will discover your body’s natural holistic connection through the fascial lines. You will be guided though simple movement patterns that will allow you to restore and strengthen your body-mind complex. Each session will be carefully designed for your specific needs based on your assessment. We will evaluate your progress weekly and adjust the curriculum to get the best results in the least amount of time.

This course will not only restore your overall well-being but will improve your body’s natural movement capacity so you can engage with the world joyfully and effortlessly.



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