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Somatic Restructuring

“Where Meditation Meets Movement”

Customized Somatic Restructuring Lessons

“Thanks to the somatic pioneers we are better able to understand the finer principles of the ancient meditative and movement traditions.” – Bryson Newell

8 Week Course

Discover your body’s natural holistic connection as you build a body capable of dynamic movement. You will develop better balance and strength as we target the bodies natural fascia qualities. You will learn how to move better and overcome chronic pain as you gain a deeper understanding of the mind-body connections. Students will learn mindfulness practices that will open the door to the embodied state of being. Learning how to be embodied will alleviate stresses and anxieties as you build confidence in your movement capacities. 

These lessons are for anyone seeking freedom and strength in movement. Private lessons are especially useful for advanced practitioners and teachers of Tai Chi, Yoga, dance, and the martial arts or any movement practitioner looking to further develop their practice. 

You will be guided though simple movement patterns that will allow you to reestablish the intrinsic strength of your body. Each session will be carefully designed for your specific needs.

Bryson created Somatic Restructuring after many years of training in various Somatic traditions. He understands the complementary principals they all share and how they can be used to enhance other practices and to prevent injuries. His approach focuses on sharing the essentials of all those traditions for each person and their particular needs.



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Students enrolled in the 8-Week course will receive a copy of Bryson’s text on his Somatic Restructuring Method. Below is a sample copy of the introduction.

Somatic Restructuring

The Field Of Study Dealing With Somatic Phenomena