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Somatic Restructuring

“Where Meditation Meets Movement”

Customized Embodiment Lessons

Learn how to directly experience your body! Most of the time people are not in their body at all. We use our body mechanically. Somatic lessons will bring you into the present moment and you will begin to experience your body directly in the embodied state. As you get better you will be able to be present in all of your daily activities.

When we are disconnected from our body we are disconnected from the world, we lose our felt experience, and the reality of our interconnectedness. From this disconnection many negative afflictions arise because of feeling isolated. When one attempts to dominate their body, subject it to their conceptual “will,” this disconnection grows greater. The reality is that we are interconnected beings, our body is not a “thing” separate from our mind but is a complex system working interdependently with the mind and the environment. To realize this somatically, opens the door to new movements and frees one from habitual, limiting patterns both mentally and physically.

8 Week Course

Somatic Embodiment Lessons

Private lessons are for those wishing to understand and experience their embodied state of being. You will discover their body’s natural holistic connection as you build a body capable of dynamic movement. You will experience better balance and holistic strength as we target the bodies natural fascia qualities. Once the body begins to return to its natural state of connectedness many people discover that their long held chronic pain and injuries begin to resolve.  

Students will be introduced to somatic mindfulness practices. Somatic mindfulness is the doorway to the embodied state of being. The research on mindfulness clearly shows that developing more mindfulness alleviates stress and anxiety as it increases body awareness. 

Somatic Restructuring lessons are not just for people seeking better overall physical and mental health. Embodiment promotes health but also is a complementary practice for any activity. The ability to stay fully present in the body increases athletic performance, therefore these lessons are for any athlete desiring more depth in their practice.

Private lessons are especially useful for advanced practitioners and teachers of Tai Chi, Yoga, dance, martial arts, or any athlete looking to further develop their art. 

 *Each session will be carefully designed for your specific needs.

Articles on Somatics by Bryson:

Filling the Mind with Sky

Beyond the Mechanistic Conception of the Body

“Thanks to the somatic pioneers we are better able to understand the finer principles of the ancient meditative and movement traditions.” – Bryson Newell

Bryson created Somatic Restructuring after many years of training in various Somatic traditions. He understands the complementary principals they all share and how they can be used to enhance other practices and to heal and prevent injuries. His approach focuses on sharing the essentials of those traditions for each person and their particular needs.

*Bryson has been teaching embodied somatic practices for more than twenty years.  

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Somatic Restructuring Self-Assessment

Students enrolled in the 8-Week course will receive a copy of Bryson’s text on his Somatic Restructuring Method. Below is a sample copy of the introduction.

Somatic Restructuring


Brian Buttrick
Bryson’s Somatic Restructuring lessons have been some of the most interesting somatic work I’ve experienced. It’s helped me to heal injuries and reinvigorate movement practices. Like finding a skeleton key to movement, I’m deeply grateful

Richa Jhaldiyal
Since I began Somatic Fascia Restructuring lessons with Bryson I have come to a whole new understanding of my body and how I move. I love walking and this had started to become difficult. The classes made me aware of my habitual patterns that were causing the aches and pains. Thanks to the techniques and perspectives that Bryson has shared with me, I am developing skills that make walking so much easier. I tread more lightly and move with less effort and that makes me so happy!
Bryson is a wonderful teacher and I am very grateful how the universe conspired to get me to his classes!

Teresa brockman
I’ve been very fortunate to have taken both meditation and Buddhism classes from Bryson for several years now. He is a skilled teacher and cares deeply about his students. I’m a healthier and happier person because of his teachings. If you’re looking for a different way to view and live your life, it’s really worth exploring the ideas he is teaching.

Janice Staler
“Somatic Restructuring is the missing piece of the movement puzzle. I have been attending classes for the last several months and am noticing a change in how I move throughout the day. There’s a lightness and bounce with everyday movement which is becoming effortless. I’m grateful to have access to this new approach to learning how to reconnect and use fascia.”

Kathy Smith
“I have had chronic back, hip and leg pain for over two years. MRIs showed herniated discs/slipped disc for L2-L5. Nothing seemed to help – including anti-inflammatory meds, neuropathic meds, 2 rounds of PT, 3 spinal injections, chiropractic sessions and an anti-inflammatory diet. The private Somatic Fascia Restructuring sessions with Bryson helped more than anything else. The depth of knowledge that Bryson has is amazing. I am continuing to take the online SR class and expect even more improvement.”

Amanda Baughman
“Somatic Restructuring with Bryson is a great class. Bryson introduces movements that are easily practiced. Each session builds upon the last. As an avid walker who also enjoys hiking, I am able to walk at a quicker pace, more efficiently. The concepts taught apply to all movement from walking to yoga to yard work and beyond. Highly recommended to keep your body healthy and strong.”

Fantine Kerckaert
“I’ve really enjoyed Vidya Method’s S.F.R.’s classes! Bryson has opened a whole new world of insights into how our bodies function and move. Using the techniques he’s provided, I’ve already noticed big improvements in my balance. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in improving their range of motion and balance.”

Barb Laurash
“Bryson has created a program based on his extensive knowledge of human anatomy and movement. After consistently practicing Bryson’s techniques, happily reporting that my toe now bends, lifts, and curls separately from the other four toes! I also gained better facilitation of walking, better balance, and no hip weakness or tensor muscle soreness experienced. Amazingly, Bryson helped me accomplish this without any face to face meetings. It was done on line through Zoom as a private client. Bryson truly understands our human anatomy and what it needs to move in the best, most advantageous way.”

The Field Of Study Dealing With Somatic Phenomena