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Engaging conversation between Bryson and leaders in their field.

Episode 1

Vivien Schapera: Alexander Technique

Vivien and Bryson discuss:

• Growing up in South Africa
• How she discovered the Alexander Technique
• Her fascinating journey from Cape Town, to London, and finally building her school for training Alexander Teachers in Cincinnati, Ohio.
• Key ideas of the technique, such as the “Means – Whereby” and her insights into these practices
• How the Alexander Technique compares to other somatic practices and much more.

Episode 2

Alfons Grabher: Feldenkrais Teacher

Alfons and Bryson discuss:

• How Alfons discovered the Feldenkrais Technique
• Advantages & Disadvantages of online learning
• Methodology of the Technique
• Internal focus during the practice
• Experiences on the Training Course
• Spontaneity & Curiosity

Episode 3

Eleanor Criswell Hanna: Hanna Somatic Education

Dr. Criswell and Bryson discuss:

•The life of Thomas Hanna
•Hanna’s introduction to the Feldenkrais Method and working with Moshe
•How he developed Somatic Education
•Dr. Criswell’s interest in Embodiment
•What is Somatic Awareness
•How to live an embodied life

Episode 4

Tim Cartmell: A Life in Martial Arts

Tim and Bryson discuss:

• History and development of health concepts and traditional marital arts in China
• Tim’s studies in China
• Biomechanics in the martial arts and the similarities to Western Somatic practices
• Traditional approaches to teaching and studying different disciplines
• The interconnectedness of meditation and somatic practices

Episode 5

Georges Dreyfus, PhD.

Dr. Dreyfus and Bryson discuss:

His journey from Switzerland to India
How he came to be a Buddhist monk
The daily life of a Buddhist monk
The Philosophy of Conscious in Buddhism
Meeting the Dalai Lama
The Path of Meditation vs. Scholarship
Tibetan Debating System
and much more…

Episode 6

Jeando Masoero

In this episode we discuss

Why his method is challenging for new practitioners
How habits play a role in the use of the self
A new way of moving through directing the bones
Creating experiments to discover new movements
How the hyoid bone affects breathing and the use of the thorax

Episode 7

Ryan Nagy

In this episode we discuss:

How he discovered Feldenkrais
His background in meditation
His time as an academic
The importance of embodiment
Pros and cons of certification programs
The similarities of various somatic modalities.

Episode 8

Lawrence Gold: Hanna Somatic Education

In this episode we discuss
How he discovered somatics
Ida Rolfs structural integration
The first Hanna Somatic Education Training Course and his Experience on it
The etymology and meaning of Somatics
Tetraseed awareness practice
Tension patters

Episode 9

Holly Sweeney-Hillman: Tai Chi & Alexander Technique

In this episode we discuss

Her background in dance and biomechanics
Alexander Technique and the nervous system
Tai Chi Chuan and fascia
Salutogenesis & how to cultivate it through movement
Fibroblasts & fascia healing
How different types of movements affects fascia differently

Episode 10

Scott Park Phillips: Chinese Martial Arts Historian

In this Episode we discuss

History of Daoyin
History of Wester Somatics
Theater & The Martial Arts in China
Ritual in Traditional Chinese Martial Arts
The Golden Elixir
Pedagogy in Traditional Chinese Arts

Episode 11

Sam FS Chin: President of Chin Family I Liq Chuan Association

In this episode we discuss

His background
Living at the monastery
Mind and awareness
The internal principals of I liq Chuan
The importance of sharing what you have learned

Episode 12

Alexander Berzin PhD: Buddhist Studies

In this episode Dr. Berzin shares:

How he first was introduced to Buddhism
His days at University
His first trip and traveled in India and Nepal
Core ideas of Buddhist philosophy
Buddhism is a living tradition
How to approach dharma study

Episode 13

Tom Waldron: Franklin Method

In this episode we discuss

Toms background in movement and movement education
What is the Franklin Method
Visualization as a vehicle for movement and change
Franklin method and Embodiment
Somatic Experiencing and anatomy
Authentic teaching

Episode 14

Dr. Patricia Huston

In this episode we discuss

Dr. Huston’s background in medicine
Her practice and interest in Vipassana meditation
Public Health Policy & Education
Inflammation & the microenvironment of fascia
Treating inflammation with stillness practices
The many benefits of Tai Chi Chuan

Episode 15

BRADFORD C. BENNETT, PHD: Hanna Somatics & Tai Chi

In this episode we discuss

Hist background in Somatics
Meeting Thomas Hanna
Hanna Somatic Training Course
Similarities of Somatics & Tai chi Chuan


Episode 17

Jeffery Hopkins, PHD: Tibetan Buddhist Studies

In this episode we discuss
Dr. Hopkins upbringing and background in buddhism
His travels and early meditations of sky gazing
Living at Free wood acres and studying with Geshe Wangyal
Living and studying in India
Meeting the Dalai Lama
Tonglen and compassion meditation

Episode 18

Livia Kohn, PHD: Daoism

In this episode we discuss

Her background in Daoism
History of Daoyin, Tai Chi and Qigong
The Shaolin temple
Buddhist influences on Daoism
Western Somatics and Chinese healing practices

Episode 19

Sam Cutler: Tour Manager for The Rolling Stones & The Grateful Dead

In this episode we discuss

• Sams early interest in Buddhism
• Metta and non-violence
• His daily  Buddhist practice
• The Grateful Dead’s interest in Buddhism
• Kindness as a daily practice

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