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The Somatic Primer Podcast

With Bryson Newell

The Somatic Primer Podcast promotes a cross discipline of somatic dialogues.

“It’s wonderful work  you’re doing. I think you are the next generation after Tom Hanna and myself to carry on this weaving together of all these amazing people. Without that, the world is a mess. I wondered how it was going to get carried on what we were doing sixty years ago, and here you are.”

 – Don Hanlon Johnson 

The Somatic Primer Podcast hosts interdisciplinary dialogues for the purpose of sharing ideas and experiences within the larger somatic community. Thomas Hanna defined Somatics as, “…the field of study dealing with somatic phenomena, i.e., the human being as experienced by the practitioner internally.” He defined Soma as the body experienced from within.

For those interested in discovering and linking together principles from different disciplines in order to develop broader possibilities of somatic theory and practice not limited to one tradition or method.

“It’s this common pattern that must be brought out to help us to understand; accept and aid in what is taking place within ourselves.”

– Thomas Hanna, Bodies in Revolt

The Field Of Study Dealing With Somatic Phenomena